Training To Run Faster To Dominate The 40 Yard Dash

By The Get Rid Of This Now Team January 29, 2016 Ways to run faster

Creation begins in our minds and your pursuit to increase your running speeds are no different, because the best athletes on the planet completely understands the concept, which is why they dominate in their running events.

Another Way to Run Faster

There are many physical things you can do to run a faster 40 yard dash. There is all manner of training regimens, nutrition advice and weightlifting schedules. Keeping your body and muscles in top shape is a key aspect to ensure that you can run faster. Training of any sort will help with this.

For this article, we are not going to talk about the usual things. There are many places you can get advice and tips about the physical aspects of your goal to run faster. Training is available everywhere for these standard things. Many athletes are judged by their speed at the 40 yard dash, football and baseball players are constantly trying to improve their speed. Soccer and basketball players also want to increase their dash speeds, recruiters at all levels are looking at this.

As they say, 90% mental, 10% physical.

This article is about the mental aspect of your training. If you want to run faster, you must train the most important muscle in your body – your brain. Yes, your quads are bigger, your glutes are a vital part of your speed in the 40-yard dash, but nothing is more powerful, and therefore more important, than your brain in your quest for a faster dash.

Think about a stressed muscle, a muscle that is tight and tense. Does this muscle perform at its peak? No, it does not. You cannot run as fast as you can when you are stressed and tense. Your muscles cannot perform as you have trained them to do if they are tight and tense, straining and stressed. You must use your mind to relax. Yes, you have to physically stretch your muscles to loosen them up before a workout, but you cannot miss the mental aspect of preparing to run.

For those who seriously want to improve their running speed.

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Hands down his methods have improved the running speed of hundreds of athletes.

Visualization tricks.

Start with a mental relaxation exercise. Mentally isolate each muscle individually and relax it, visualize the stress exiting each muscle, leaving it in peak performance mode. You should be able to physically feel the relaxation in the muscle, practice this until you do. It is a vital part of the process of your mental preparation for a race.

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